Bi-State Utilities

Commercial Construction

Bi-State Utilities installs sanitary sewers, storm sewers and water mains for new developments or extensions of existing utilities.

We also install pre-cast box culverts, poly fusion pipe and ductile iron pipe. Our structure crews are experienced in building manholes, inlets, wingwalls and junction boxes with pre-cast products, concrete, brick and other materials. 

We are equipped and prepared for small or large sites,municipal, residential, and commercial types of work. We have experienced crews, supervision, support staff and management to provide a full range of construction services including multiple crews on the same project to ensure the timely completion of your project. This focus has created a loyal customer base that consistently contracts with Bi-State Utilities for all their utility projects.

Green Building – LEED:
Bi-State Utilities has installed several projects using recycled materials and installing systems which catch storm water for irrigation purposes.
Washington University – St. Louis, Mo.

Commercial Construction:
•Sewer installation 
•Water main installation, repair and emergency service 
•Septic tanks and drainage field pipes

•Sewer installation 
•Septic tanks and drainage field pipes
•Water stop box